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felix. » Rock ‘n Roll House – Gingin

Rock ‘n Roll House – Gingin


View Across Oval

South Elevation

Ground Plan

Kitchen Section



A house that takes the notion of the ‘envelope’ and pulls it apart, stretching the functions of the house out along a single elevation. The house is designed to accommodate various numbers of people in an efficient manner; the western end comfortably houses a couple in the luxurious ‘apartment’ while the southern end, segregated by the dark sculpture hall, works as a teen getaway.

The black panelling system cladding the north façade compliments the harsh natural bushland surrounding the property.

The residence has gained an 8 1/2 star rating due to its well considered thermal properties, aided primarily by the thick southern wall that stretches the entire expanse of the house.



Status: Under Construction

Project Type: House

Client: Private

Materials: Masonry, Timber


Team: Rene Van Meeuwen, Matt Delroy-Carr