All things happiness…

A Company designed and directed to create happiness in our environment and daily lives. As a design and construct company we listen carefully to our clients then deliver a construction which will fully meet the brief and budget.

Rene van Meeuwen has been in the building industry for 40 years in many different roles. Labourer for the trades in order to pay for university, architecture practitioner and teacher @ RMIT and The University of Western Australia over 25 years. This experience has seen the development of a clearly focused mission.

The building industry is currently the producer of 40% of greenhouse omissions in our environment. Rene is determined to use old and new construction techniques to minimise our clients impact today and in the future.

We are a research based company allowing us to find the best solutions for design challenges in an ever changing construction industry. Whether that be to harvest recycled materials or to use high end technology solutions to find low impact long term enduring constructional decisions.

Our biggest asset as a design and construct company is our ability to give our clients easy to understand feedback on budget, brief, materials and visual design in realtime using Building Information Modelling (BIM). Rene has been at the forefront of BIM construction for the last 20 years.

Lastly, and most importantly felix. has developed great working relationships with leading construction industry professionals who are well organised, on time, courteous and exceptional value. Building is always a challenge however we know a good team will deliver exceptional results. A happy building site, well managed with good people is and will remain priceless.