Design & Construct

Design is an important part of creating a long lasting construction that satisfies the clients needs over the long term.

The process
The brief is important as it establishes the nature of the construction, the size and ultimately the budget. It is also the opportunity for the client to design all the aspects of the building they aspire to include. The brief and design is a collaborative process between the client and felix.

Design is an iterative process which allows the client to take control of the formation of the construction.

As part of the sketch design process aspects of the plans, sections and elevations are manipulated to create visualisations that begin the process of materiality, spaciality and site considerations. Within this process all the planning and building licence requirements are also addressed to ensure early design decision meet regulations and standards. In this process preliminary budget assessments can be offered to start the financial process of construction. The process of energy analysis also begins looking at daily building performance and embedded energy considerations.

In design development we introduce the other construction consultants in order to inform the structure, energy regulations, lighting design, quantity surveyors all as required. The budget will start to firm up and clear decision about budget can be inform by client decision.